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Social Sculpture: The Scent of Joseph Beuys | 2015

7 holes diameter 12 cm height from the ground 136,7 underedge hole
distance between the holes 95,5 cm
from left edge first hole to left edge sec hole 107 cm

Beuys' famous performance, I Like America and America Likes Me, which took place in May 1974 in the Rene Block Gallery in New York, is compressed to its scent components and the synthetic construction of the entire olfactoric experience.
Scent is maybe the most ephemeral sensual experience in life, almost nothing in terms of matter, but is perhaps the most real experience as a subconscious trigger of recognition, memory, and imagination.
The scent show is an ultralight monument to Beuys and parallels the temporality and spirituality found in his work.
The scents are made by International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF), a New York-based leading global creator of scents & tastes. The IFF trio - Research Perfumer Penelope Bigelow, Senior Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, and producer Anahita Mekanik - in collaboration with the artist, took a scientific approach, re-modeling data from the olfactory molecules collected via proprietary Headspace Technology or Solvent Extraction, from partly original historical sources from Beuys, provided by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini.
Viewers can experience the seven scents: Felt, Ambulance Car, Gallery, Wall Street Journals, Coyote, Body Odor, and Synthesis, as released in a system that relates to another well-known work of Joseph Beuys: "Loch".

Installation view "Social Sculpture: The Scent of Joseph Beuys" at Ron Feldman's Gallery, NY, NOV 2015